More about who we are

Graham-Nguyen & Associates was legally registered in Singapore in 2007. We are established  as a Migration Agency to meet the needs of businesses and individuals who wish to migrate overseas. We consult on visa matters for individuals who are seeking to travel to Australia for business, tourism, to study or to migrate.

We are registered with the office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) in Australia. Our MARA registration number is 1067354.

Our core specialisation is in Australian visas and Australian migration. Our experience in this field is unique. With 7 years experience working for the Australian Department of Immigration at different offices around the world we have investigated, interviewed and assessed thousands of applications. On top of that we have been helping people compile and submit their applications for over 8 years. With 15 years of  work experience in the industry, our knowledge of immigration law is extensive and we know which arguments and methods work to get your visa application right the first time. Having previously been the people employed to investigate visa applications, we know what questions to ask and what issues to look out for to ensure that your visa application is done properly and with greater accuracy.

We strive to provide the highest standards of service and quality information. Our aim is to build a reputation through hard work and excellent customer care. Through our previous experience working for the Australian Government, we were reminded of our duty to represent and develop Australia's international reputation. Now, we take seriously the responsibility to maintain not only our company reputation but the reputation of organisations that we have been trusted to represent.

With our extensive experience working within the immigration bureaucracy, our background in fraud investigation and our work to select only the most genuine applicants to be granted Australian visas, we believe that we are the best equipped and most qualified company to provide advice on obtaining a visa to Australia.  This unique experience means that we can give our clients the best chance of obtaining a visa to Australia.  

We are well equipped to assist clients in their business and visa needs.  We know how frustrating it can be to work with a complex bureaucratic system and that frustration can only increase when it is a foreign bureaucratic system where language and cultural differences come into play.  Through our work, study and living experiences we possess a valuable combination of Asian experience and Australian knowledge to help our clients meet their business, education and travel needs.