Visitor Visa

If you wish to travel to Australia for tourism, or to study a non award course for up to three months, you need to apply for a visitor visa. A visitor visa can allow a stay in Australia of up to 12 months (the length of stay permitted is determined by the proposed itinerary).  Once you have arranged your tour itinerary we can arrange a tourist visa for you.  A tourist visa will usually take up to 20 working days to decide.  However, this will vary based on the need to conduct medical and other background checks.

Please note that while a holiday or recreation time can form part of a business trip to Australia, you can not conduct business while holding a tourist visa.  Depending on your age, length of stay in Australia and proposed itinerary, certain health and character requirements need to be met. 

Holders of tourist visas are not permitted to participate in any paid work in Australia or any activity that would, if carried out by an Australian, attract remuneration. Holders of tourist visas may have an 8503 condition imposed on their visa meaning they will not be permitted to apply for any visa extension once they have arrived in Australia.They will also be prevented from applying for any other visa while in Australia, such as Australian Skilled Migration, Spouse Migration and student visas. In limited circumstances the 8503 condition can be waived. 

Applicants can also opt for the Sponsored Visitor Visa.  This visa is the same as the tourist visa but your Australian citizen or permanent resident family member will be requested to post a bond to ensure that you comply with your visa conditions.  Bonds vary but can be as high as AUD 15,000.  Sponsored Visitor Visa can not be extended.  Applications for Sponsored Visitor Visas are lodged in Australia but we can assist you in completing the necessary paper work.